Experience the chicest eco-friendly stay at Bloomfield Bali

At Bloomfield Bali, we’re all about eco-chic living. We recycle, compost, use natural cleaning products, and have even
added bio-tanks to our list of sustainable practices. All to make sure we’re keeping things as green as possible.
Come stay with us and experience the chicest eco-friendly stay around !

Green Initiatives

Bloomfield Bali has been working with Urban Biologist Bali that runs composting project called Urban Compost. We transform all our organic waste matter into nutrient-rich compost to boost soil quality and nourish our organic gardens through simple yet proven mechanical and biological engineering systems.
Please go to urbanbiologistbali.com for more information about Urban Compost Bali.

Ibubumibali chemical free products

At Bloomfield, our cleaning products are made from biodegradable and chemical free products that contribute towards a green living lifestyle.
We believe in making small changes that embrace sustainability without compromising quality.
You can find IbuBumiBali's wonderful products at ibubumibali.com

Reuse and Recycle

Joseph is a 13 year old boy who collects glass bottles, cardboard, plastic cups and other materials to be recycled. His mission is to use the money from the recycling project to help pay the school fees for the local children. Bloomfield Bali is committed to reducing waste production and have partnered with Joseph to help to accomplish his mission.
Learn more about Joseph Recycling Project at
Joseph_recycling Instagram Account.