At the Bloomfield, we pride ourselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare delicious meals from scratch.
Our breakfast menu includes seasonal fruits and vegetables,
fresh juices, local artisan breads, organic eggs cooked to your liking, smoothie bowls, buckwheat pancakes, homemade bircher museli, and strawberry & pistachio toast with locally sourced cottage cheese and smashed avocado prepared & “our way”.
Our lunch and dinner menus change with the seasons, but we always offer a variety of fresh and innovative dishes, such as spicy lemon chicken kebabs, various salads and poke bowls, traditional Mie and Nasi Goreng, fresh caught fish and chips, cauliflower and original crust pizzas, crispy chicken and beef burgers, and curry and rendang.
We also have a poolside menu with homemade dips, sweet potato and French fries, chicken liver pate, pork rillette with cornichons or olives, and a selection of homemade sweets.

Beet, Citrus, & Chicory Salad with Ricotta Salata and Pistachios

If you’re interested in trying a shared banquet, we offer BBQ turmeric-crusted fish, Moroccan chicken, and seafood served with vibrant salads upon request.
If you’re looking to cleanse, lose weight, or improve your health, our team can create tailored menus to meet your needs.
After your meal, you can relax with a cocktail or mocktail by the pool.
Our chef, Gusti, describes the Bloomfield menu as globally inspired, nutritious, and super tasty. He sources produce from local artisan suppliers across Bali and draws inspiration from his rich Balinese heritage, combined with his passion for healthy eating and nutrition.